Vitae of Dr. Dalit Baranoff

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11703 Goodloe Road , Silver Spring , MD 20906

Phone: (301) 949-2590, Cell: (240) 888-2207




 The Johns Hopkins University , Baltimore , MD

Ph.D., Department of History, May 2004; M.A., May 1997

U.S. History Fields: Business and Economic, Social and Cultural, Women’s, and History of Technology


Dissertation: Shaped By Risk: The American Fire Insurance Industry, 1790-1920.

·      Charts the development of one of the earliest risk management industries in the United States .

·      Proposes that risk management has been an overlooked factor in shaping firms, industries, and society.


Brown University , Providence , RI

B.A., magna cum laude, May 1995 (concentration in History)

Honors Thesis: The Rise and Fall of the New England Auto Industry, 1895-1908




Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Dot Com History Project

Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland , College Park , MD

·         Primary purpose: to archive the Dot Com Era (1994-2002), with a focus on failed companies.

·         My contributions: research, writing, and collecting on-line “oral histories” of former dot com workers.

Project web site: (Fall 2003-Spring 2005)

Research Assistant: National Bureau of Economic Research/National Science Foundation

Project on Patenting and Technology Transfer, Directed By Naomi Lamoreaux and Ken Sokoloff (UCLA)

(Fall 1992- Summer 2000)



Adjunct Professor: University of Maryland , College Park

“History of the United States since 1865” (Fall 2005)

“The Emergence of Modern America , 1900-1945” (Fall 2005)

Adjunct Professor: George Washington University , Washington , DC

“Introduction to American History II: 1876 to Present” (Fall 2003)

Instructor: Loyola College , Baltimore , MD

“The United States Since the Civil War” (Summer 2000)

Dean’s Teaching Fellowship: The Johns Hopkins University

Designed and taught undergraduate course: “Women at Work in America , 1780-1980” (Spring 2000)

Teaching Assistant: The Johns Hopkins University

“Undergraduate Seminar in History” (Fall 1996-Spring 1997)

“The Transformation of American Institutions, 1890 to the Present” (Spring 1998)



Editor, American Institute For CPCU/Insurance Institute Of America

Content editor for insurance and risk management textbooks (Fall 2004)

Reviewer, A.P. Central

Reviewed source material for Advanced Placement history teachers (January 2002-July 2003)



 “The Great Chicago Fire,” Encyclopedia of American Urban History, (forthcoming).

 “Shaped By Risk: The American Fire Insurance Industry, 1790-1920” (Dissertation summary), Enterprise and Society, 2005 6(4):561-570.

 "Fire Insurance in the United States ," EH.Net Encyclopedia, edited by Robert Whaples. October 1, 2004 .


 “A Policy of Cooperation: The Cartelization of American Fire Insurance, 1873-1906,” Financial History Review, 10, 2 (October 2003).

 “Insurance,” in: Cynthia Northrup (editor), The History of U.S. Economic Policy, 1600s-2000 ( Santa Barbara , CA : ABC-Clio, 2003).

 (with Etti Baranoff) “Trends in Insurance Regulation,” Review of Business, St. Johns University (Fall 2003).  

 (with Etti Baranoff and Thomas Sager) “Nonuniform Regulatory Treatment of Broker Distribution Systems,” Journal of Insurance Regulation, 19 (Fall 2000): 94-129.

 “Principals, Agents, and Control in the American Fire Insurance Industry, 1799-1872,” Business and Economic History, 27 (Fall 1998): 91-101.

 Book Reviews

  Maines , Rachel, “Asbestos & Fire: Technological Trade-offs and the Body at Risk,”  Business History Review (forthcoming).

 Stuart, Guy, “Discriminating Risk: The U.S. Mortgage Lending Industry in the Twentieth Century,” Enterprise and Society, 5 (September 2004): 550-51.

 Tebeau, Mark, Eating Smoke: Fire in Urban America , 1800-1950, Economic History Services, Jun 17, 2004 ,


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 Ward, James A. “The Fall of the Packard Motor Car Company,” The Journal of Economic History, 56 (September 1996): 751-52.



 “Shaped by Risk: The American Fire Insurance Industry, 1790-1920,” Dissertation Plenary (Krooss Prize Session), Presented at the Business History Conference, Minneapolis , MN , May 2005.

 "My Boss Rocks": Exceptionalism in the Dot-Com Workplace,” (with David Kirsch). Paper presented at the Business History Conference, Minneapolis , MN , May 2005.

 “The Future of the Past: The Archival Donut, Open Source History and the Challenges of Exploring the Business History of the Dot Com Era,” (with David Kirsch). Paper presented at the Business History Conference, Le Creusot , France , June 2004.

 “The Evolution of Fire Insurance Rating, 1790-1920.” Paper presented at the History of Technology Colloquium, University of Maryland , College Park , MD , March 2004.

 “Insurance Boards and the Control of Risk in the American Fire Insurance Industry, 1873-1906.” Paper presented at the Business History Conference, Miami , FL , April 2001.

  “Great Fires, Bankruptcies, and the Failure of Market Pricing in the American Fire Insurance Industry, 1835-1872.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, Baltimore , MD , October 1999.

 “Principals, Agents, and Control in the American Fire Insurance Industry, 1799-1872.” Paper presented at the Business History Conference, College Park , MD , March 1998. 

 “A Policy of Cooperation: Risk Reduction and the Fire Insurance Industry in Baltimore , 1882-1904.” Paper presented at the Economic and Business Historical Society, Richmond , VA , April 1996.



 Herman E. Krooss Dissertation Prize, Business History Conference (2005)

 Dissertation Fellowship in Business and American Culture, The Newcomen Society of the United States (1999/2000)

 John E. Rovensky Fellowship in American Business and Economic History, University of Illinois Foundation (1999/2000)

 George Owen Fellowship, School of Arts and Sciences, Johns Hopkins University (1995/1996, 1996/1997, 1997/1998)

 Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. Traveling Fellowship, Harvard University , Graduate School of Business Administration (1998)

 Research Fellowship, Newell D. Goff Institute for Ingenuity and Enterprise Studies (1997)

 Mellon Research Fellowship, Virginia Historical Society (1997)

 Clarkson A. Collins, Jr. Prize in American History, Brown University (1995)

 Pell Medal Award, Department of History, Brown University (1995)



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